Welcome to the Huntingdon VFW Teener Baseball Organization. Where passion for baseball thrives! The Huntingdon VFW Teener Baseball Organization is a non-profit organization, that is teamed up with area businesses and Huntingdon VFW Post 1754 to teach baseball knowledge and skills, life lessons, and provide enjoyment to the players and everyone associated with our organization. Congrats to Kyper's Insurance for winning the 2016 Huntingdon VFW Teener League Championship
Welcome to the Huntingdon VFW Teener Baseball Organization. Where passion for baseball thrives! The Huntingdon VFW Teener Baseball Organization is a non-profit organization, that is teamed up with area businesses and Huntingdon VFW Post 1754 to teach baseball knowledge and skills, life lessons, and provide enjoyment to the players and everyone associated with our organization. Congrats to Kyper's Insurance for winning the 2016 Huntingdon VFW Teener League Championship 

2016 Standings


VFW                    15-3

Elks                     13-5

Kyper's               11-6

Moose                  8-9

Singleton's          7-11

Juniata Valley     7-11

John's Welding  1-17

2016 Huntingdon VFW

Teener Baseball Organization


President:  Greg Lender 

Vice Pres:   Tom Culp

Secretary:  Catherine Briggs

Treasurer:   Bill Peters 

Food Booth  Alexis Crotsley



Jeff Crotsley  641-7363


Roger Briggs 386-4975

Kyper Ins:

Bob Foster 644-8553


Wayne Walters 506-5985


Shawn Speck 386-0374

Juniata Valley:
Denny Johnson: 386-5902

John's Welding:

Mike Handy: 386-6623


Congratulations to Huntingdon for winning the area 5 15/16 tournament and to Mount Union for being the runner up and host of the 2016 15/16 state tournament.


Congratulations to the Huntingdon 13/14 year-old all star team for winning

the 2016 VFW State Championship.




Huntingdon Teener fall baseball will begin on Sunday 9/11 at 1:30 pm. It will be held a the Huntingdon Teener field.  Any questions or concerns -  please call 

Jeff Crotsley 641-7363 or Bob Foster 644-8553 Please leave a message if call is not picked up.  Jeff or Bob will return your call.


Please keep in mind that fall baseball is intended to provide the opportunity for players coming from little league to play on the larger teener field.  All players eligible to play teener baseball  next year are invited to attend.  Time will be taken to provide instruction and support to the younger players playing on the larger field for the first time.


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