Welcome to the Huntingdon VFW Teener Baseball Organization. Where passion for baseball thrives! The Huntingdon VFW Teener Baseball Organization is a non-profit organization, that is teamed up with area businesses and Huntingdon VFW Post 1754 to teach baseball knowledge and skills, life lessons, and provide enjoyment to the players and everyone associated with our organization.
Welcome to the Huntingdon VFW Teener Baseball Organization. Where passion for baseball thrives! The Huntingdon VFW Teener Baseball Organization is a non-profit organization, that is teamed up with area businesses and Huntingdon VFW Post 1754 to teach baseball knowledge and skills, life lessons, and provide enjoyment to the players             and everyone associated with our  organization.                                   

2017 Standings


JV              1-0

Kyper's     1-0

Elks           0-0          

Moose       0-0

VFW           0-2 

 2018 Huntingdon VFW

Teener Baseball Organization


President:  Nick Shope

Vice Pres:   Nathan Shope

Secretary:   Tracy Crotsley


Treasurer:   Bill Peters 

Food Booth  Tracy Crotsley



Jeff Crotsley  641-7363


Tom Sullivan

Kyper Ins:

Bob Foster 644-8553


Mike Snare   599-2038

Juniata Valley:
Jim Johnson 669-4934

Welcome to the 2018 edition of the Huntingdon Teener Baseball League


Please note:  Due the the forecasted weather conditions, the games scheduled

for Sunday - April 8, have been moved to Sunday - April 22nd. Opening day festivities will take place on that day.  Coaches will notify players of schedule changes.


Teener League Player Age Breakdown

If your birth date falls between:


8/1/04 thru 7/31/05   You are considered 13 years of age

8/1/03 thur 7/31/04   14

8/1/02 thru 7/31/03   15

8/1/01 thru 7/31/02   16


Opening ceremonies and first league games will be held on Sunday - April 8


Here are some Huntingdon Teener League rules for new players and their parents to be aware of:


All players must be at least 13 and no older than 16 years of age

as of July 31, 2018.


All metal bats are required to be bbcor certified and no more than -5 for all teener league age 14 thru 16 year old players. 


New bat rule exception just passed on March 5th, 2017 teener meeting:

Allows any teener league age 13 year old player shall be permitted to use any 2-5/8" barrel bat or other sanctioned bat - excluding BESR - up to and including a -5 drop.  Exception bats will be clearly marked with orange tape visible to umpires.


New pitching rule passed on March 5, 2017 teener meeting:

Regular season games will abide by PIAA pitch counting rules.


Steel cleats are allowed to be used


All players are required to participate in Tag Day.  


There is no minimum innings required to be played for players in a game


Games are played on Sundays.  Not necessarily every Sunday.


Regular season ends approximately June 15.

League playoffs will take place from Mid June to approximately July 2 or 3

All Star teams practice and play till the end of July or 1st week in August.


The home team is required to provide workers (parents) for the food booth.

Each parent will likely be responsible for multiple games each year

Normally, there is a list of substitutes that are willing to work the booth for $20/night.



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